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SoundPrism takes the principles and concepts of harmonics and makes them available to everyone. Users are not required to understand these concepts anymore, but rather are allowed to interact with them intuitively. The interface enables the user to control both harmony and melody at the same time, making for a seamless musical experience.

Audanika is a nimble startup run by Sebastian Dittmann and Gabriel Gatzsche. Edenspiekermann worked with them in an iterative fashion to get the product to market as quickly as possible so that they could see first-hand how it was being received and react accordingly. The first releases of SoundPrism were not very feature heavy, an intentional decision meant to speed up the development process.

Audanika is thoughtfully using the internet and social media to promote SoundPrism. Facebook and Twitter are used to gain attention, announce new releases and encourage user feedback, while YouTube plays host to tutorials and user generated videos.

Edenspiekermann offered strategic advice, designed the user interface for the app and the Audanika microsite, and also helped create buzz on twitter. It was a very cooperative process with lots of knowledge and ideas being exchanged throughout the project. New ideas are still being pushed forward as development on the app continues.

SoundPrism for iPad looks incredible Jason Fried, founder 37signals I see SoundPrism as knowledge poured into a dynamic interface that enables users to just use that knowledge without having to acquire it first. Sebastian Dittmann, CEO of Audanika
SoundPrism is a glimpse of a more graphical future for music software design.

To learn more about SoundPrism and the ideas and technology behind it, check out this interview by Peter Kirn over at Create Digital Music.

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GUI Design development
Thanks to all the people at @edenspiekermann. Kick-ass team to turn to regarding strategy/design/communication! Nice office, too. ;) via TweetDeck, Sebastian Dittmann, CEO of Audanika


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