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NS Pro Rail

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NS Pro Rail

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Service Design

Service Service Experiences

6 months


1 person

Rising passenger numbers and an ever increasing amount of arrivals and departures can make train station platforms a stressful place for passengers. Together with ProRail and NS Dutch Railways, our goal was to improve passenger experience with a new transfer process on platforms.

We worked together to reduce waiting times, lessen crowding when boarding, and provide clear information for travelers. As well as improving the passenger experience, it was also vital to prevent potentially dangerous situations, and ensure efficient platforms use to reduce train stopping times and delays.

Customer insights are collected on train journeys. In co-creation workshops their main problems are defined and in co-creation possible improvements are implemented. We evaluated and improved the concepts in workshops with all relevant stakeholders: communication managers, platform managers, real estate, travel information etc.

Our extensive research and collaboration resulted in real-time boarding information above the platform on a 180 meter long display.

The passenger information display’s beauty and power lies in its intuitiveness. It’s such a simple, natural solution, one wonders why it took so long.

Caroline Hummels, Eindhoven University of Technology

Pro Rail Train Illu

Keeping people informed

On the long LED screen, travelers can find all the information they need to prepare themselves for the next train:

Train position

How many carriages the train is made up of, and where it will stop along the platform

Entry points

Location of train doors, clearly marked first and second class carriages, and directions to disabled ramps


Color coding easily shows which areas are full, and where seats are still available