SeriousMilk and PureNotes

How do you attract the attention of milk chocolate lovers without abandoning your dark chocolate roots? By relying on the design values practiced for four years and injecting them with a bold visual direction.

SeriousMilk™ Our design for SeriousMilk is hypnotic, drawing one into the rolling optics that say creamy, smooth, you have to try me, I’m different. The illusion appears to move and flow because of the precise mathematically based composition. These “tessellations” fill the visual plane leaving the viewer wanting to move around the box edges looking for more.

PureNotes™ The design for PureNotes takes the guilloche patterns of our original dark bars and enlarges and simplifies them to create a stronger line look and helps to clarify the dark chocolate flavor story along with a stronger connection to the newly introduced milk line.

Because she and we cared passionately, we ended up with the best result: packaging that you have to grab off the shelf, that is a thematic solution to our expanding product line, and that scales, and that costs less and is easier to produce than what it replaces. Louis Rossetto, TCHO’s CEO.
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