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Association of Dutch Business People

Connecting Dutch expats in Singapore

The Association of Dutch Business People (ADB)
Brand Development
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For new Dutch expats in Singapore, the Association of Dutch Business People (ADB) provides an easy and friendly entrance to the local professional community. The ADB is more than just a business organization. As well as creating a business platform, the ADB aims to inform, inspire, and add fun to the lives of its members.

ADB needed a complete brand overhaul, with more colorful imagery and a bolder, more contemporary expression and approach to content. In the months leading up to their 25th anniversary, we developed a completely new brand identity for the organization and redesigned all key communication tools.

Based on interviews with members, and the clearly defined aims of the ADB board, we defined the brand promise and made it more relevant for the organization’s members. After our research and discussions, we set the 3 core brand values:

ADB Gif brand value

Taking these 3 brand values, we developed ADB’s new visual identity. From the color palette to the logo, the new look is based around the Dutch national color and the idea of connectivity, symbolizing the organization’s role in bringing people together.

It was an inspiration working with Edenspiekermann. Edo and his team proved to be the right choice to capture the spirit and needs of our constantly changing group of driven expat professionals.Ay Wen Lie, ADB Board Member

The new website provides easy access to events, magazine back issues and the list of the organization’s members, all with a bold and lively brand identity and the goal of bringing people together.

ADB Website