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Bosch Diversity

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Advancing diversity worldwide

Robert Bosch GmbH
Brand Development
From 2012 till today
11 people

Bosch: a global organization with 330,000 employees worldwide. Collaboration across borders, cultures and business areas is vital to stay ahead in the race for innovation across all of Bosch’s highly competitive and technically driven markets.

The Bosch Diversity Team was founded to encourage diversity in teamwork and collaboration within the organization. The overriding message: diversity is our advantage.

Since 2012, we have supported Bosch with worldwide communication campaigns and concepts to draw positive attention to diversity and encourage change. We take an atypical but effective approach: strong but unexpected messages, clear visual language, and unusual choices of media and locations.


We test and modify all activities in collaboration with an international team of diversity ambassadors, to ensure the campaigns are tailored to every location.

Year after year, with every successful campaign, diversity has become more rooted in the Bosch culture worldwide. Numbers, statistics and feedback clearly document the positive impact of our work.