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The name Bosch stands for a lot of things, but first and foremost it stands for German heritage and values—not the worst thing if you want to be the number one choice of reliable power tool accessories for professional tradesmen worldwide.

But there’s a catch: although saw blades, drill bits, sandpaper and the like have a huge impact on the final result, they’re a low-involvement product. Tradesmen tend to care about their power tools because they’re in use for years, but the next sheet of sandpaper? Not so much.

If we want to make tradesman aware of and interested in new products, it requires a trigger that connects them to the product, not just the technical features and benefits. So Bosch changed their communication approach.

The “Legends” campaign

You can explain why a drill bit is extra durable, but you can also encourage users to make up a rumor about why—and get them involved in the process. That was the idea behind the Legends campaign.

While the campaign features a series of mythical claims for the product’s performance, the truth is almost as impressive: the new SDS-plus 7X hammer drill bit has an exceptionally long life due to a super tough carbide cutting head that’s laser-welded onto the drill bit body. But sometimes volcanoes are more fun.

“They say the SDS-plus 5X doesn’t break when working in reinforced concrete because it’s hardened in one of our corporate volcanos. What have you heard?”
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The “Supporting the Toughest” Campaign

Why show a blade cutting through sheets of metal when you can show the impact it has on the working life of real users?

The new Bosch recip saw blade, with extra hard saw teeth, is exactly what firefighters have been waiting for: a blade that cuts the high alloy steel frames of modern cars without problems-vital when it comes to rescuing people from damaged vehicles.

Our task was to express the emotional value of this technology, plus the business value for a range of other industries using similar versions of Bosch recip saw blades, like car dismantlers, industry dismantlers, and carpenters dealing with tough metal.

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This is how Bosch is changing. By shifting their communication to different channels they’re getting closer to the people who really use Bosch products. It’s a considerable task, but when it comes to building a brand that fosters communication with end-users and makes effective use of the appropriate media, we’re with them every step of the way.