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Helping corporates rethink innovation

Brand Development
5 months
6 people

Singapore’s pioneer co-working and startup community Impact Hub Singapore has rebranded to become Found.

We worked closely with the team behind Impact Hub Singapore to develop the brand strategy, name, logo and visual identity for the new brand, in line with the company’s decision to leave the global Impact Hub network and its desire to further scale their operations and reach into the region.

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Moving beyond the space of building and supporting co-working communities, Found. is redefining itself as a network of innovation studios where ambitious entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.

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The name ‘Found.’ signals both a journey and a goal. More importantly, it is a place of belonging, whichever part of the journey one is on.

The colour palette comprises a fresh teal against a bold indigo blue, punctuated with red accents: an homage to Singapore – the little red dot – where Found.’s roots lie.

In a creative opening workshop, we co-created personas, defined the brand positioning and drafted a brand vision board which was subsequently used to develop the new name, logo and visual identity.
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The new logo was founded on the idea of bringing opposites together. Two inverse dots – inside the ‘o’ and the ‘d’ – are complemented by two solid dots of the same size. On and Off; Yin and Yang; Lost and Found. The full stop at the end grounds the journey of the Found.ers who join Found. – this is where they belong.

Our new brand needed to capture the essence of being part of our community — of courage, collaboration and a fierce passion for creating change in the world. We feel that Edenspiekermann has successfully captured that and more.Grace Sai
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