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Creating a brand for discovery

Brand Development
6 people

From Machu Picchu to the Louvre, GetYourGuide provides a platform for travelers to book tours and activities worldwide. We worked in close collaboration with the GetYourGuide team to develop a new brand with user experience at the core.

A brand is more than just a product; it’s about defining the role you play in people’s lives. GetYourGuide understood that a strong brand was vital for future growth and development; the product-oriented branding of the company’s start-up phase no longer fitted their direction. Ensuring further growth required a convincing brand identity.

Our first step was a workshop together with GetYourGuide’s 5 founders, focusing the brand’s positioning and defining target groups and tonality. We explored the different customer journeys taken by users, suppliers, and partners. Taking the most important themes from the workshop, and the key terms that defined the brand—trustworthy, personal, inspirational—we got to work.

GetYourGuide Brand Identity
The redesign and the rebrand have been easy to move into and feel at home in. You really got ‘us’ and did beautiful work that rings true for what GetYourGuide is, and what it hopes to become.Martin Sieber, Vice President Product at GetYourGuide
Getyourguide Icons

We extended the brand’s scope to cover the whole experience around traveling, from inspiration and planning to sharing experiences. The result is an emotional brand experience with exploration at its heart.

From the logo, icons, color scheme and typography to the brand’s visual language—their photography style—the new identity is individual, personal, and focused on the perspective of the traveler. The brand ensures an all-encompassing customer experience, establishing GetYourGuide’s position in the market, and also provides space for future growth—a vital factor for a company still in its early stages.

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