Case Study

Gittmann + Klein

Gittmann Klein Opening Image Branding Stickers

Creating a brand for change

Gittmann + Klein
Brand Development
4 months
5 people

Trust and empathy are vital when it comes to building client relationships. For Gittmann + Klein, these values are at the center of everything they do. We developed a new brand for the change management company, creating a dynamic identity across digital and print that keeps these values at its core.

We started the project with a workshop, defining brand values and vision together with the client. Establishing the definitions between the company and its services was vital for future growth and viability. From positioning to the overall look and feel of the brand, we worked collaboratively to establish a solid and shared understanding of the company’s identity.

Inspired by their workshop methods, the Post-It yellow highlights and handwritten typeface are a sophisticated take on the playful, personal aspect of their client work. We applied the new visual identity across multiple formats, both print and digital.

Gittmann + Klein’s personal, one-to-one service defines their position in the market. The dynamic Gittmann + Klein + [ ] logo reflects this partnership and equality in their brand identity, asserting their place in the industry.

They created magic, presenting a logo, name and especially colors we would never have chosen ourselves…but loved instantly. Marco Gittmann
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