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Designing the home of digital lifestyle

Brand Development
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Gravis is Germany's biggest Apple retailer, with over 40 stores nationwide. The Apple name guarantees publicity and loyal customers, but also presents Gravis with the challenge of establishing itself as a brand in its own right. That’s where we came in.

Digital lifestyle is the concept behind our corporate design. The brand is more than Apple; Gravis sells a whole range of digital products from other companies, and this approach allows room for growth without having to compete with Apple.

The idea of a ‘digital lifestyle’ had to appeal to customers wherever they happened to be, from the point of sale to browsing online. This is where we wanted the brand experience to begin.

Gravis store photo final

The foundations of the new brand identity are the new logo, word mark, color scheme, typography and store layout, as well as an exclusive typeface for pictograms and accentuated text. Our communication concept and design is both simple and flexible; it works across all scales and formats, from a small section within a department store to a 7500 m² space across two floors.

Rolled out across all communication channels, from the website and print marketing materials to the store interiors, the new design creates a consistent brand experience for customers.

The Gravis store experience is about giving customers space to move, and the visual identity provides guidance within this space.Steven Cook, Creative Director & Partner
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Gravis Interior 3