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As part of the campaign, fridge magnets are mailed out to every household and business unit in Singapore. It includes a QR code that provides quick access to the website where residents can learn more about their postman and leave a review.

The brand identity uses a friendly SingPost postman who takes centre stage in all communications. In the background, familiar local sights such as the Housing Development Board (HDB) blocks, SingPost posting boxes and public buses are featured.

We wanted to make this campaign website really easy to use so that residents can get to know their postman, offer feedback or words of encouragement. This will equip SingPost with essential information that helps to elevate service standards.
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The web application has been designed and built with much attention to detail; among others, the friendly postman gives appropriate reactions to different ratings, whether it be positive or negative.

The site is also used by Singapore Post to capture general feedback from residents and businesses, and to find new postal services staff for various districts and roles.

While primarily aimed to increase SingPost’s service standards, what we hope this campaign does is also to foster a spirit of community and to encourage residents to get to know their postmen who provide this essential service, rain or shine.Vincent Phang, CEO of Postal Services in The Straits Times
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