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Less can be more, and simple can be sophisticated –  we wanted this to be embodied in the new online look and feel of TenX.
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An obvious starting point for the brand refresh was the logo. From TenX’s customers, we learned that the logo had already benefited from great brand recognition. So, instead of a radical logo redesign, we decided to opt for subtle improvements to the existing logo.

We worked on how the logo could better express confidence and optimism, by simplifying and sharpening its edges. We also removed shadows and gradients, to make the logomark more robust across different mediums.

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While creating the new website design, we optimized the colour palette, chose new typefaces that would work both online and in print applications, and chose a simple graphic approach for images and icons based on the diamond-shaped base of the logo.

Edenspiekermann has an excellent understanding of how to seamlessly mix design and technology. Aside from strong design expertise, their team uses a modern and future-proof tech stack with all the engineering best practices you can expect from a world-class agency.Paul Kittiwongsunthorn, Co-Founder and CDO at TenX
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We helped bring the website to current technical web standards by using GatsbyJS, React, and Contentful, resulting in an accessible, fast, and easy-to-update website.

The combined TenX/Edenspiekermann team in Singapore created a brand experience that reflects what TenX stands for today: an inclusive, safe and trustworthy financial ecosystem that aims to make cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere.