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A platform for book lovers

Brand Development
6 months
10 people

Vorablesen is an online community of book lovers. After eight successful years, it was time for a new platform and a new look. With such a loyal group of readers at the community’s heart, working together with them was key. We designed a process to keep them involved from beginning to end.

As part of a lean, user-centric branding process, we invited Vorablesen’s loyal community of book lovers from both the German and UK markets to contribute their personal take on the brand. Using their feedback we developed our brand focus: bringing the rich, dreamy, joyful moments of reading to life. Whether it’s during the daily commute, quiet weekends at home, or on the beach, a genuine passion for books is the most important value of the brand.

Working together in an agile process with the outstanding team at Edenspiekermann, we developed the best possible features and experience for our users.Marguerite Joly, Head of New Business Initiatives, Ullstein Verlag
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Vorablesen Onboarding Step 2

While developing the platform, the biggest challenge was ensuring simplicity on the user-facing side, while designing and implementing the complex system behind the scenes. Ease of use was vital for the user experience.

We built the new platform over the course of eight sprints. Vorablesen’s Facebook community were our sounding board throughout the process, raising potential points of confusion in the user’s journey, allowing us to simplify them and provide helpful pointers or examples.

Feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive. The platform launches in the UK soon, and the technical set-up makes future launches in new markets simple.

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