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Meet the world’s smartest digital sommelier

Digital Products and Services
12 months
3 people

WineStein is the world’s smartest digital sommelier, providing the right wine for every dish.

The app unlocks knowledge usually only available from experienced wine professionals, and its database contains facts and details on more than 600,000 wines.

Together with WineStein we developed a complete digital ecosystem: an in-store app, a restaurant app, an API for web shops, and a new smartphone app. The wine advice provided by WineStein is established through self-learning algorithms. Developed with scientists and experts in wine and food, these algorithms take the characteristics of a dish and compare them with those of the wines.

Winner of the SpinAward 2016 for Best Digital Service Idea.

Combining a user-friendly interface with complex backend software, the WineStein app is proven to deliver significant retail results. It contains the details of 650,000 wines and 3800+ ingredients, which together can provide suggestions for over 21 million combinations.

Better customer orientation and a faster buying process improve the customer experience, and also increase revenue for retailers. When provided with the app’s advice and information, customers are happy to choose higher priced wines—the average price per bottle increased by 7% and overall revenue by 5%.

The WineStein app is available in 157 countries, can be found in 400+ stores, and has more than 540,000 users worldwide.