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Exploring the future of mobile payment

Service Experiences
12 people

The days of plastic credit cards are numbered, and mobile payment concepts are entering the mainstream. Payment providers, banks, and telecommunication companies are developing new services and infrastructure for payment concepts, featuring couponing and loyalty programs.

Spending money is an emotional thing. How does it feel to pay with a simple gesture? Can paying with your phone beat paying with cash? What if your phone let you know when you could get a great deal? For our client, Wirecard, we explored how a mobile payment service can play a relevant role in people’s lives.

We applied service design methods, mapped out the customer journey, and tested our theories with real life users in real environments.
Wirecard workshop service design

We carried out user testing with simple prototypes, as well as in-depth interviews, to understood the expectations of our users and get their feedback.

The final high-fidelity prototype ran on iOS, and became a successful sales tool for Wirecard. Their white label payment app (and the associated infrastructure and services) was sold to a number of international telecommunications providers.