How to Change a Brand Digital and Content First

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Together with Natalie Erdmann (Head of Communications and Marketing) and Frank Schulze (Creative Director) from Helios, Christian Hanke presented the joint project, which began with the relaunch of the website last year and is a prime example of modern digital brand leadership in decentralized organizations. See the full talk here:

“Brands are encounters and shaped through content, UX and service.” says Christian Hanke and names one of the core principles of Edenspiekermanns holistic approach on how to lead a brand in 2018. Especially in B2C businesses content has become an essential entry point for users brand experiences and this is even more relevant for health care providers like Helios as most of their traffic comes from Google already.

By not only relaunching the Helios website with a new and fresh design but providing a state of the art infrastructure we enabled 150 Editors at Helios to create 300 Websites and 60,000 Pages in only 6 Months. The positive impact already reflects in the numbers.

Our patients and employees like our new fresh appearance. Besides, only eight months after the first launch of the new website the page visits have increased in many hospitals by over 80 Percent and the visitor bounce rate decreased by over 30 percent. We are very proud of that.Natalie Erdmann, Head of Communications and Marketing

In the first quarter of 2018, Helios had over 1.7 million users. They visited the site almost 3 million times and called up over 17 million individual pages.

The new Helios brand is focuses much more on the emotional side of healthcare: empathetic and committed, putting the patient first and on eye-level.
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