Meet our new Directors, Katharina & Sascha!

This spring, the Berlin branch of Edenspiekermann was delighted to welcome two exciting additions to our team: our new Creative Director, Katharina Seeger, and our new Technical Director, Sascha A. Carlin. Both of our new directors bring experience, enthusiasm, and expertise to our Berlin offices and will help to guide the agency forward as it continues to grow and expand its place in the industry. We’ve already had a ton of success working together on new clients, events, and development. We can’t wait to see what we’ll do together next!

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Who are they?

Katharina Seeger, Creative Director

As Creative Director at Edenspiekermann, Katharina develops and executes digital strategies and products. She’s a true generalist, strategic thinker and team player, fascinated by human behavior and constantly curious about people.

Drawing on her background in strategic design and design research, she specialises in making sure the perspectives of the the users we design for are integrated into our design process in a pragmatic way to create relevant and joyful experiences. More than that, she’s passionate about diverse teams and diversity in leadership, which led her to invent and host Edenspiekerwomen, our new event series aiming to inspire and be inspired by welcoming female thought leaders of the digital world, fostering diversity and building community.

Her empathy and strategic thinking have already made a big impression– not to mention random reviving handstand breaks in long workshops! She’s a passionate yogini practicing and teaching Jivamukti yoga at Peace Yoga Berlin, so she’s always ready to lead the team in a stretch or a handstand to get our blood flowing and our brains moving faster.

Sascha A. Carlin, Director Technology

Sascha knows that although digital products are everywhere, great products are few and far between. He is looking forward to helping to create meaningful products affecting people every day, everywhere. He approaches his role as Director Technology with a two part strategy: towards our clients, in expressing technological strategies for the coming years, and towards our people by caring about personal goals & project scope, the tools we use, and how we use them.

Not only that, Sascha is a trained librarian and knows every terrible pun you ever heard - and then some. He keeps the team entertained with awful jokes and ‘being too witty for his own good.’ And in true nerdy Director Technology fashion, he has his own soundboard!

Where do they come from?


Before joining us Katharina was Strategic Design Lead at BCG Digital Ventures and Design Lead at IXDS. Her experience ranges from developing, validating and building user-centric products and services for corporate entities to leading research, service design and user experience projects in various industries. Prior to that she briefly worked in the 'future research and trend-transfer' team at Volkswagen and studied in Hong Kong and Cologne, where she earned her design diploma from the Köln International School of Design.


Before working with us Sascha started his career as a software developer and then turned to technical project management on the client and agency side before taking on broader responsibility for teams and company operations. He’s been doing software for some 20 years, living on the crossroads between brand, content, design, and technology, and working with agencies like Razorfish, Saatchi & Saatchi. His clients include Cornelsen, Polaroid Originals (formerly The Impossible Project), T-Online, and R+V Versicherung.

What's next?

Clearly, our new directors have been up to some exciting things so far.

Edenspiekerwomen was, of course, a roaring success, and we’re already planning the next one. And Sascha has impressed us all with his passion for social issues, giving a great (but slightly terrifying) talk about China’s social points system and hosting a UX Meetup with the theme ‘UX and Ethics.’ Not to mention all the great (but top-secret) work they’ve done for clients since arriving! Keep your eyes on this space for more of their exploits.

Good luck Katharina and Sascha, and welcome to the team – we are honored that you've chosen to join us!