The Fastest Way from Q to A


Chemists worldwide are working to develop new medicines that improve the quality of our lives. Finding information quickly and efficiently is a crucial part of this complex, lengthy and usually costly process. Shortening the time taken to market medicines can save both lives and money.

We’re working with Reed Elsevier to develop a new version of Reaxys, the world's leading product for pharmaceutical and chemical R&D. The goal of our cooperation is to make Reaxys more intuitive, better, faster and more fun.

As always, our approach starts by getting to know and really understand the target group. This was quite a challenge, as the target group was both international and very specialized demonstrating why projects like these require especially close cooperation–in this case, between creatives, technologists and specialists. Such close collaboration allows us to make things that will leave us thinking, wow, why haven’t we done this before?

A case study will follow soon, and if you have a Q about this project in the meantime, we’re standing by to give you an A, very quickly.