UX at the core of the new Deutschlandfunk Kultur


How do you translate important cultural topics and social debates in the form of audio while still intriguing the listener to dive deeper?

Covering topics ranging from music to psychology, Deutschlandfunk Kultur is a national radio station in Germany known for its culture-focused stories, broadening the horizon of its listeners since 1926. When Edenspiekermann joined forces with Dlf Kultur to rethink their digital presence, it was clear that those complex facets had to be shown in a clear, concise, and most importantly, inviting strategy.

We rebuilt how Dlf Kultur could reach more people online while streamlining the vast amount of content and information they create daily.


In order to improve user experience, we focused on three major user groups: regular, occasional and new listeners. Each one has its own motivation to get in contact with Dlf Kultur's content, so the way they were going to display each topic was essential to make sure all listeners would get instantly familiarized with the website.

Edenspiekermann and Dlf Kultur also dedicated time rethinking content-related goals, making sure the website would become a tool to connect people who are interested in cultural topics and social debates. The focus was to be timeless, distancing themselves from everyday news and focusing on long term debates and stories.

Key Visual

Deutschlandfunk Kultur is also part of a multi-brand group that was part of the equation. Brand strategy and guidelines had to be aligned with Deutschlandfunk and Deutschlandfunk Nova, making them connected while remaining independent.

The main goal of this partnership was to make listeners feel inspired by the unique content Dlf Kultur produces daily, making them broaden their topics of interest. The result was a playful, artistic direction with an emphasis on bold colors and illustrations.

We're very happy to see the new Deutschlandfunk Kultur live!