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Co-creation with real estate business

Co-creation with real estate business

In collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects we offered an open session at the 20. IIR Immobilienstandort Hamburg conference about how digitalization and co-creation can contribute to transforming the image of the German real estate business.

The fact that successful real estate agents and investors seem reluctant to use digital tools and platforms in their daily work is surprising – as their business is a people’s business – and confirmed by a study.

Booz & Company Industry Digitization Index located real estate business yet on the third last place of industries in Europe. A local inquiry among participants of the conference confirmed these results …

The business of real estate is a people’s business. So why not offering transparency, dialogue and participation within areas like urban planning or building processes?

Along with my colleague Bastian Boss and Pascal Maas and Konstantin Wenzel from David Chipperfield Architects we worked with the audience on how to utilize the potential of co-creation in their specific areas of business.

Co-Creation means actively involving all stakeholders and their needs in an open-ended development process. Through clarifying this idea and mindset in my inspirational talk when opening the session I set the stage for the following hands-on workshops.

Our second workshop opened with a short film – created by David Chipperfield Architects and Edenspiekermann – combining critical voices from the press with glamorous sales videos presenting new building projects to potential investors. This humorous but also thought provoking five-minute film proved to be a good basis for a lively and fruitful discussion, lead by Harald Müller, director at David Chipperfield Architects.

With our workshop and the film/discussion format we took the chance to form a contrast to the classic head-on situation. It was an experiment and it worked well.

Thanks to the organizational team of IIR Immobilienstandort Hamburg for their courage to break the traditional patterns!