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Edenspiekermann on Tour: Espiration

Edenspiekermann on Tour: Espiration

Last year we introduced a new concept to our Berlin team. It’s called Espiration, and it’s much more than just a snazzy name—it’s a way to encourage, well, inspiration, and from a wide variety of sources. Any team member who wants to organize an inspiring or educational cultural outing can do so with funding from the agency, and anyone interested can take part for free.

For the very first Espiration, Bastian arranged a trip to the Berlin Planetarium. This weekend saw the second Espiration trip, organized by designer Tom, and it took us on an adventure outside of the city.

Looking like a suspiciously grown-up school trip, 9 of us met on Saturday morning and headed from Berlin to Dessau, the home of Bauhaus’s second reincarnation (after their original home in Weimar), to learn more about the influential and avant-garde school of design.

Tom organized a guided tour around the school, which gave us a great insight into its history (and also added to the field trip vibe). Afterwards, we explored the modern dream-homes that belonged to the former masters of the Bauhaus school, the Meisterhäuser.

Aside from offering prime Instagram opportunities for the whole team, it gave us a chance to learn something new and dive into a bit of German design history. More Espiration trips are already in planning, so you’ll be seeing and hearing much more from us. Until then, this is Team Berlin, over and out.