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Finding the perfect fit for every customer



Service Service Experiences

10 months


7 people

Görtz Shoes, a family-run company, was founded in 1875, and today has more than 160 stores in 90 cities across Germany.

Shopping habits have changed dramatically in the last few years, and the company wanted to better understand the preferences of today’s customer.

Through our research, we learned that, for many people, shoe shopping is an emotional experience–both positive as well as negative. Some (mostly women) enjoy regular in-store visits, hunting for something special. Others (mostly men) hate every minute of it, and prefer to buy shoes on their mobile while waiting for the bus.

The Görtz challenge was clear: we needed to create the perfect omni-channel shopping experience for all.
With workshops, customer interviews and prototypes, we explored the shopping experience; what works, and what doesn’t.

We worked together with the company to identify, create and prototype the perfect shopping experience based on five shopping personas, each representing typical shopping habits and preferences. In an ongoing process involving employees from all departments of the organization, as well as plenty of customers, we developed the ideal customer journey for each persona.

In service design projects, the perspective changes from organizational to customer-centric. For Görtz, this process marked the beginning of a new kind of collaboration between departments that would normally follow separate goals. By changing their perspective, departments like sales, marketing, visual merchandising and e-commerce discovered new ways of collaborating to create more balanced experiences throughout both on-and offline customer journeys.