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Goldheart Bullion

Brand identity for a premium bullion retailer

Goldheart Bullion

Goldheart Bullion

Services Brand Development
Digital Products and Services

8 months


5 people

Website www​.goldheartbullion​.com

The value of paper money changes but precious metals do not lose their value. Buying physical gold and silver as an investment asset is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Either for your own peace of mind or as a nest egg for the next generation. For investment or inheritance, we believe that everyone should own some gold and silver simply because… it never gets old. 

This is the proposition of new bullion retail brand Goldheart Bullion, the collaboration between Aspial, Singapore’s first mainboard-listed jewellery retailer, and Silver Bullion, an award-winning bullion dealer and safe storage provider firmly rooted in Singapore.

We brought the management of Aspial and Silver Bullion together to co-create the new Goldheart Bullion brand profile, customer profiles and brand personality framework.
GHB Persona
GHB Workshop

Edenspiekermann Singapore developed Goldheart Bullion’s new proposition and brand identity, and created the UX and UI of Goldheart Bullion’s online store. The new brand launched in Singapore with the opening of its first flagship store in the Plaza Singapura mall.