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Different angle, different approach


Those who invest with Robeco, invest in long-term solutions. Robeco sees today's world in a different, more positive light. Recent developments are opportunities. Responsible investing means investing in solutions for a better future. With better financial results for investors if you do it right.

Introducing stakeholders to the renewed brand profile, Robeco developed a new campaign and asked Edenspiekermann to update the corporate identity which was developed by Eden in 2006.

Robeco makes it’s brand accessible in an inspiring manner to our marketeers, employees and creatives using an iPad optimized web app. It introduces our new positioning in a very refreshing manner.

Ada van Dijk, Brand Manager Identity Robeco

We used existing and new building blocks: the same colors, but applied differently. The same typeface, but applied differently. We added more illustrations and infographics and developed new advertising grids. We also created a new photography concept and a new format for Robeco web TV.




iPad optimized web app

We developed the Robeco ‘Different angle’ app to introduce the renewed identity with internal and external stakeholders. We optimized the app for the iPad, but the app also works smoothly on mobile phones and in all major web browsers. Using the app, stakeholders now can discover in a fast, playful and interactive way what has changed in the Robeco corporate identity.