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Utrecht City Theatre – Campaign 2014

“What Do You See?”

Utrecht City Theatre – Campaign 2014

Utrecht City Theater


Utrecht City Theatre, a leadig theatre in the central Netherlands, needed a campaign that could stand out in the streets of Utrecht and attract a somewhat younger crowd. In a time when so many voices are calling out for their attention — iPhones and YouTube streaming HD video 24/7 — traditional stage theatre isn’t always on the top of the minds of a younger urban audience. The campaign needed to cut through the noise and get their attention without alienating the theatre’s traditional crowd.

Catchy—Exciting—Young—Clear! The campaign needed to cut through the noise and get their attention.


We created a series of smart, conceptual illustrations highlighting different aspects and emotions of the theatre atmosphere. The images have a playful ambiguity and duality, that begs the question - “What do you see?” The images were combined with the line “Wat zie jij in het nieuwe theaterseizoen?” (What do you see in the new theatre season?)

Today, content needs to flow effortlessly from screen to surface. We placed posters and banners in the city, web-banners and ads on relevant media, brochures via mail and in the theatre, and a Facebook campaign to get people involved — we created a flexible adaptable campaign that could touch the public at every relevant opportunity.