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Digital Editorial

Everybody loves a good story. We love to build them.

Great stories can still start with pen and paper, but that’s rarely where they end up. The way people access editorial content has changed: today’s stories are brought to life digitally.

From creation to presentation, distribution to monetization, we turn your stories into digital experiences. Local to global, we (re)develop and (re)create news sites, magazines, and brand content.

Got a story to tell?
Great. Let’s turn it into an experience. This is how we do it.
  • (Re)launch Your Platform Distributing original content has never been more complex. That’s why we make it simple. Our strategists, designers, and developers work closely with your editorial and product teams—and your users.
  • Product Strategy and Positioning In our interactive workshop formats, we look at the bigger picture. We identify challenges and opportunities, and define your product’s positioning within the market.
  • Micro-Stories Create short, interactive, and media-rich stories. Our CardBuilder produces embeddable micro-stories for brands and publishers.
  • Mobile Storytelling Workshops We offer workshops and seminars on everything from mobile storytelling and editorial prototyping to design thinking in the newsroom and new methods of data visualization.
  • Get to know your readers We gain insights through quantitative and qualitative research. Understanding your user’s needs and expectation gives you the confidence to approach decisions, whether it’s your editor’s daily dashboard, or the starting point of a relaunch process.