Case Study

Red Bull Amaphiko


Connecting social change-makers around the world

Red Bull
18 months
16 people

Red Bull Amaphiko is a platform for people involved in social change worldwide. It’s a place to set up projects, get help, share ideas, learn from each other, and get inspired. We created the tools to make it happen.

To enable the creation and growth of the platform, we created the storybuilder, a digital tool allowing social entrepreneurs to tell their story to a wider audience. With an easy to use interface, it creates impressive and immersive longform articles.

It also serves a purpose beyond sharing these ideas. Each project lists its open needs, be it voluntary help with development or a business partnership. It lets people just like you get involved and contribute to the cause.

Amaphiko has made it possible for the whole world to see our story. It’s so easy to spread our idea, and we’re very grateful for that.Social entrepreneur

Using the storybuilder requires no prior technical or design knowledge. Social entrepreneurs can simply get online and start sharing compelling stories and projects, pieced together from set modules. This ease of use is vital—it allows everyone with a great idea to make it known, and get the help needed to make it happen.

A simple user interface wasn’t our only requirement for Red Bull Amaphiko. It had to be available and effective without high-speed internet connections or smartphones. The platform was built for our peer group in South Africa, where a stable internet connection is not always available, and the majority of internet consumption is via mobile devices.


We focused on developing the site to work on all sorts of devices, both old and new. Even feature phones with small screens and slow data connections are supported, dramatically increasing the platform accessibility, and ensuring that everyone with a great idea can be heard, and make a difference.

We aim to make it a constantly growing hub for social innovation and shared knowledge for everyone.