Amsterdam Airport

The aim is to improve the complete passenger journey to become Europe’s preferred airport


In order to create the best digital products, we first had to break free from existing assumptions. Instead of combining the wish-lists of the internal stakeholders, we guided the team on how to focus on the true needs of the passengers by analyzing passenger behavior. This resulted in clear communication, a goal-driven approach, and a personalized offering of services. Agile workflows and a new technology framework allow for fast prototyping and rapid improvement of the products, and the long beta period allows the team to learn in increments and zoom in on true user needs.

The result is a set of ideas to test and a visual concept to explore, all based on the newly-founded principles

To align day-to-day with the changing overall vision, we developed a playbook: the universal hub for maintaining and communicating the design system, from the high-level goals and principles that govern the user experience to reusable code snippets ready for implementation.

This is the first tangible result of our long-term collaboration. The new website and mobile app, all based on the newly-founded principles, blend the physical and digital realms, proactively tailor the experience, take people thoughtfully by the hand, and communicate like a service employee.


So far, the focus has been on improving the UX, but there’s more to come. This year, our attention will shift to brand, content and communication, and to finding new opportunities for design and design-thinking to improve the daily life of passengers at the best European airport.