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AZ Medien

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Bringing local news closer

AZ Medien
12 months
14 people

We worked together with AZ Medien Digital to overhaul their online offerings and conceptualize new, user-centric formats, like the Card Builder–a simple CMS that allows editors to easily build stories with cards. The essential feature of the new website is a reworked platform for hyperlocal, user-generated content. This forms a significant cornerstone of the network’s local news reporting, which comprises eight regional newspapers.

Alongside the work on the website, the CMS workflow was re-conceptualized in a collaborative process with the editors. The resulting architecture represents a radical system restructure designed to meet changing needs, and the newly created frontend component library ensures all team members and external partners have a common basis to work from.

Following the relaunch, visits increased from 5.2 to 6.5 million.
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Richard Bausek, Matt Berridge, Michael Börner, Bastian Boss, Andrea Franke, Hugo Giraudel, Moritz Guth, Marco Hamersma, Christian Hanke, Peter Magenheimer, Peter Rudolph, Sebastian Saariokari, Lorenz Seeger, Sharon Walsh.