Bosch Handbook
We started our ongoing partnership with Bosch, by creating the initial brand with a strong typeface.
Bosch Logo
Bosch typography

Within the organization, the brand plays an important role as an anchor, providing a shared identity for employees worldwide. For the many suppliers and in-house designers internationally, we developed easy-to-use guidelines for all applications, ensuring a consistent, unified and high-quality brand experience.

Bosch Handbook
Bosch brand book

Our goal is to communicate the idea of “Made in Germany” to the global market. Every element of the visual identity supports the brand promise of premium quality and innovation.

The re-design covered little components like infographics as well as complex publications like the company newspaper for more then 200.000 readers worldwide
Bosch Infographics
Bosch Zuender

Our collaboration with Bosch continues until today and covers a wide range of different campaigns.

Bosch Power Tools Accessories

In the past years we’ve created several campaigns for Bosch Power Tools Accessories.

Bosch Diversity Campaign

Since 2012, we have supported Bosch with worldwide communication campaigns and concepts to draw positive attention to diversity and encourage change. Read more