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How insurance can insure its future


FBTO, belonging to one of the largest insurance providers in the Netherlands, Achmea, allows clients to freely choose from many different insurance policies at very low premiums. They currently have over 500,000 clients and to stay on top of their diverse clients’ needs in an ever-changing landscape, a more sustainable strategy was needed.

Going beyond the visible

In close collaboration with the FBTO team, we created a personalized and seamless digital brand experience that not only echoes FBTO’s core values but is also prepared for the changing needs and technologies. We developed a digital design system to help keep a uniform UX and general brand consistency across different channels as well as throughout FBTO’s large and diverse teams who work on different consumer interfaces. We guided the team to focus on the true needs of their clients by collecting and analyzing ‘real world’ user data in the decision-making process and followed a continuous optimization process allowing the team to look for opportunities for easy adaptation to the changing needs.

Adapting to the pace of change

With a customer-focused organization and a scalable design system in place, the FBTO team can now integrate new technologies and features with minimum effort while keeping the FBTO core values high. For instance: implementing chatbots to automate conversations or using AI to collect data to offer the most desired personalized brand experience possible. Technologies to make room for what really matters: building meaningful and future-proof customer relations.