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How Content Drives Ecommerce for Swiss #1 Department Store

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Like many retailers, Globus faces the challenge of raising customer expectations, which requires much more than a flawless search, purchase and checkout process. Today’s brands are shaped and customers’ expectations set, from a combination of UX, Service, and, especially, in retail–through content. Until now, Globus has focused on producing premium and quality content for their print magazines. Bringing their content to life in the digital realm in order to increase conversion (read: purchases) was a bit of a challenge. However, it was one they were motivated to tackle.

Together with their dedicated team, we developed a sustainable and scalable content-to-commerce strategy. The goal: to make it as easy as possible for their in-house teams of any departments to produce and curate high-quality content that not only inspires their customers, but also strengthens customer retention and brand relations.

Working with the team at Edenspiekermann helped us to better understand how to use the great potential of our existing content. Our workshops have been great experiences and inspiration to the team. Raphaela Haenggi, Head of Content
Globus Workshop
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The starting point was to find a common understanding of the relevance and potential of experiencing a brand through their content. Based on that, we analyzed the distribution logic, target segments, and topic-based user entry points. The results became the foundation for a new content strategy with the goal of increasing organic traffic through new entry points and optimize the content quality on-page.

In addition to this conceptual work, we developed a new visual language that gives the content world a distinctly bold and modern look and feel, all while blending nicely with the current style of the Globus website.

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We held an intense content format workshop with the Globus team and our partner from the editorial office, Nansen & Piccard. Over a few hours,we developed more than 20 different ideas for new content formats and selected four of them for the initial implementation.

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Gobus format workshop
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For each of the four content formats , we developed a fully responsive code-prototype based on first real content productions and in close collaboration with the Globus development team. We wanted to test:

  • Whether or not the new content formats work with real content.
  • Whether or not the interaction patterns create the experience we were aiming for.
  • The feasibility of the technical implementation within the existing CMS.
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After refining the formats, we created content creation guides—cookbooks—for each format. These guides enable the in-house team, and also external production partners, to easily create content and integrate the new formats in a high-quality fashion. From this, the team at Globus was able to produce, in only two months, more than 46 new stories that include hundreds of products.

The cookbooks enable our team to easily create high quality content in no time at all which makes our strategy not only as effective as possible but as well scalable.
Globus cookbook
Globus CookBook 2

With our collaboration, we successfully kicked off Globus’ content to commerce strategy — thus igniting a true change in how they produce and publish their digital content, while also laying the foundation for a scalability.