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Building the brand

Our work with Nacero began with building a brand that represented their visionary approach. The new identity was built around two core concepts: A logo mark that underscored their new approach to an old industry, and a brand strategy that centered around the idea that you can change the world without changing your car. This visionary spirit was reflected across all touchpoints—a fresh visual palette, aspirational lifestyle photography, and innovative service experiences.

Nacero Logo
Nacero Truck

A refueling experience like no other

The Nacero retail experience will feel different on every level: designed with a distinctly modernist architecture style, the station intends to be more of a destination than a place one runs in and out of. Together with our architecture partner Amador Architecture, the result marries natural forms with manmade signature elements to create what we call an ‘Urban Oasis.’

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Nacero Apps

Nacero plans for its stations to feature healthy food options, gourmet coffee, wifi-connected open areas that are sustainable and green, and of course a fully connected, seamless experience between the Nacero app and smart fuel pumps featuring iconic touch screens.

A simple, convenient app will make it easy to buy Nacero fuels. This will be used to pay at the pump, track your carbon savings, and earn rewards.

“Nacero came to us to develop their brand identity and translate it across all touchpoints. Everyone wants to make the world more sustainable, but not everyone has the ability to buy an electric car anytime soon.”Paul Woods, CEO Edenspiekermann

Bringing the Nacero story to market

The culmination of the project was the new Nacero website. Lifestyle imagery, infographics and crafted microinteractions showcases Nacero’s bold mission to create lower carbon solutions for fueling large and small everyday vehicles on the road through the energy transition.

Nacero Mobile Screenshots
Nacero Product Key Visuals
“We could not have imagined a better partner in this endeavor than Edenspiekermann.”Nacero’s President and CEO, Jay McKenna
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Nacero Products Page Screenshot