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Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG
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We designed a new platform for NZZ, bringing together three print-only publications (Z, NZZ am Sonntag, and Stil) to become Switzerland’s premier lifestyle guide, NZZ Bellevue, offering inspirational and informative content across fashion, food, design and more.

When you’re working with three established editorial titles, you can choose the very best elements from each. We played with the most effective formats from each existing print magazine, using them as a foundation to develop a fresh, individual style for the new NZZ Bellevue.

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As always with digital editorial projects, it’s vital to make things as easy as possible for editors. We developed a range of content templates, allowing flexibility and consistency when designing and creating new stories and features. Covering a range of content types across both publications, we created templates for a range of articles, recipes, photo galleries, interviews, columns, and the city guides.

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Discovering content and moving between articles and inspiration is a vital part of the user experience. We designed new teaser formats that work with all of the magazine’s imagery, whatever the size, so the photography and style remain consistent. The teasers draw users in, helping them to uncover new content and get lost within the platform and its inspiration and articles.

Edenspiekermann’s editorial expertise was a real asset in creating Bellevue. It was great working with such a strong focus on our readers and their needs.Nicole Althaus, Editor in Chief, NZZ Bellevue
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Another consideration essential for any lifestyle magazine is branded content. In close collaboration with NZZ Content Solutions, we developed a concept and strategy for branded content that complements the new design and enhances the platform.

Taking inspiration from the original publications ensures the design stays true to their content, while giving Bellevue its own distinct identity. With brand new typefaces and a clean minimal layout, the finished design is stylish and understated, with an emphasis on high-quality content.

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