Revolutionizing kitchens worldwide

Quooker increased their production capacity significantly and is now in the process of developing a new set of products, making it ready for international expansion. With the international network and experience of Edenspiekermann, the team started off by conducting extensive market research in order to collect key customer insights that would help to develop a new, competitive brand position and inspiring vision for the mainstream customer worldwide. This was then turned into a scalable design system helping the company to act faster and allowing teams to work more flexibly. Meaning that it can handle both, a growing external customer base, as well as the internal teams that will be operating it. With this system in place, we’ve implemented a continuous optimization workflow and process to help the teams easily adapt to the constant changing needs in every local market.


Tapping into specific markets

In order to make them ready for international expansion, they needed to rethink their digital brand presence and strategy. Quooker and Edenspiekermann implemented a sustainable global strategy and built new digital systems allowing the different teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

digital system 1
digital system 2

Ready for growth

The result is not only a customer-facing brand, product, and service, but also a customer-focused organization that is able to grow with minimum effort.