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Brand consistency and cost efficiency on a global scale

Red Bull
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Red Bull have become a global media house, changing brand experience as we know it. Localized consumer activation campaigns are one pillar of a great brand experience, but when you’re covering more than 90 markets internationally, this is easier said than done.

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As UX consultant and tech partner, we have built a global marketing platform for Red Bull that scales, enables cost efficiency, and empowers employees across the globe to manage digital brand activations while providing the best campaign experience for all brand fans.

Campaigns can be run at global, national, or regional level and range from community driven competitions with social integration to games with leaderboards and prizes, plus the ability to sign up for free drink samples, delivered by local Wings teams. Based on centralized master versions, individual campaigns are adapted to suit the country or localized campaign target and can be rolled out by brand managers with just a few CMS clicks—an ideal solution for an international household name.

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To enable the Red Bull team to create a consistent UX journey, no matter where it’s used or how the visualization changes, we created a library of customizable activations. The sustainable, flexible library ensures brand consistency and functionality across every campaign, and, because we can constantly improve the UX, it guarantees the best possible experience for MyWings’ users too. Frequent user testing, both remote and at our office, also ensures the high quality of every activation.

Today the global marketing platform is available in 78 countries with a track record of almost 200 digital campaigns.
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Supporting all global locations, we provide training and consulting on platform best practices, and help with CMS management. Working on such a large-scale project means maintaining three streams of communication every day: global; local; and with K&P, the partner agency responsible for the Red Bull brand—plus our own internal team communication.

Working agile helps us to manage this complex relationship. We monitor data daily, working proactively to offer suggestions and come up with new ideas based on the current data, and adjusting running campaigns accordingly.