An Inclusive Brand Concept for Singapore


Two members of our growing Singapore team, Kelvin Chow and Jasmine Lee, used the latest Maker Days to address something that has been bothering them for some time: Singapore’s national branding. It’s corporate and lacks personality, so they took on this huge assignment in just two days. This is their story. workinprogress

Giving the ‘Your’ a true voice in Singapore

We wanted the identity concept to convey that a visiting experience is entirely customizable to the visitor's own preferences and interests. Singapore has more to offer than just a cookie-cutter tourist experience; it’s a trip that can be truly personal.


Singapore is known as the melting pot of Asia and has a diverse immigrant population, so we created a multi-lingual logo to reflect our international country. We wanted to communicate our nation’s values of equality and meritocracy by creating an inclusive logo that features the words ‘Your Singapore’ in multiple languages, including the four official languages of Singapore: English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. monochrome logos

Red dot

On the map, we usually appear no larger than a little red dot. It’s a nickname for Singapore that we love to hate. We wanted to play with this idea a little more subtly by using a red circle in the logo that can be swapped with various images representing Singapore.


We kept the imagery on either a white background, or in a circle shape. The chosen images represent Singapore’s diverse manifestations, both iconically and expressively. The nine logo variations below show how language and images can be mixed to create limitless possibilities. logo variations


The logo concept can be applied to a range of merchandise, like t-shirts and other items frequently sold in Singapore. Businesses can also customize the center of the logo with their own imagery, making the merchandise their own. merchandise


On the homepage of the website, users can easily browse content tailored to the category most relevant to them: tourist, local, or business. website Kelvin and Jasmine did a great job opening up the potential of Singapore for a fresh new approach on city or national branding. We hope it inspires the Singapore Tourism Board and other relevant bodies to revisit the brand identity sometime soon.