Dear Roland Berger…


More than 15 years ago I presented a new logo and corporate design for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants to you personally. We had a long talk about the importance of creating a modern, but not trendy visual identity. 15+ years along, I think we managed to fulfill this promise! Now Roland Berger, you have made a new decision for a new logo and visual identity. 

What happened???

Seriously, think again! A heavy, inflexible titanium B with a bland typeface like a Berlin hipster start-up? How does that reflect the role of modern consultants in a management world where empathy, flexibility and agility are key values for success? Dear Mr. Berger, I hope you included your future target group of young, upcoming global managers in your decision!

Pia Betton, Partner at Edenspiekermann

Roland-Berger-Logo-neu-141444-detailp Foto: Roland Berger (new Logo)