Talk “Design Systems for Agencies” at Figma User Conference

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The conversation around “Design Systems” is mostly run by product companies that have the resources and scale to justify the setup of complex and articulated systems — and of all the governance and maintenance work that comes with them. Design agencies that are characterized by fast-paced projects, with varying lengths and team sizes, often choose speed over documentation and rule out design systems altogether.

At Edenspiekermann we face the same challenge.

We took up the challenge of finding a fit between our projects’ scale and a systemic approach to design. We implemented the use of design tokens to communicate decisions between team members and established good practices to identify the right ‘scale’ of Design Systems for every project.

On the 17th of September, our designers Sergej Spomer and Martina Dellepiane will be sharing our learnings, successes, and failures at Config Europe — Figma’s first all European virtual conference — to encourage other agencies to be part of the conversation too.

Link to website of the Config Europe conference

Register here till 10th Sept