Edenspiekermann Los Angeles

roc office terrace

We are excited to share with the world, that Edenspiekermann has established Edenspiekermann L.A. Corporation and are officially opening an office in the City of Angels.

We based our decision to open an office in L.A. on two reasons:

1. A client asked us to work with them on location to continue develop one of their media products.

2. Since one of our focus areas is media, we felt L.A. is a perfect starting point to expand our business.

Our new office space in Santa Monica is just what we’ve been looking for and it offers a perfect workspace right in the middle of the Silicon Beach.

roc office place

The space was built in the 50’s by AC Martin, which formerly served as the offices of Google, General Telephone, Oracle Corp and Treasury Services. Furthermore having the 3rd street promenade right around the corner and the beach reachable by foot, the location fits us and we have no doubt our work is going to get even more enjoyable than it already is.

One of our personal highlights is the wifi-equipped roof terrace which offers enough space for everyone to enjoy the Californian sun.
Right now the L.A. team is being put together, which makes this news not just exciting, but also an opportunity to work with us!
We are always happy to meet new and interesting people. Take a look at to see our current vacancies.

terrace edenspiekermann office losangeles

One more thing. With our focus internationally, we are also closing our office space in Stuttgart.

If you are interested in the work we do or would like to work with us, take a look at our job offers and/or feel free to contact our People and Talent Director directly.