Elsevier’s new open access publication platform


Over the last months we were fortunate to work on an innovation in scientific publishing; Heliyon. This is a new open access, online journal for a wide range of scientific content. The starting point was to define a new brand and visual identity for the new platform in close collaboration with the Heliyon team of Elsevier. 

Optimized for the digital world

We created the name and brand experience for Heliyon that should leverage Elsevier’s heritage but that should also embrace the new researcher centric world of open access publishing. This resulted in an attractive online platform that should make scientific publishing a fast and painless experience.

Raising the glass

To celebrate the journal being open for submissions, the Heliyon team joined the colleagues in Elsevier’s Amsterdam office with champaign, cake and bitterballen (Dutch party food). Just how it should be celebrated.


Here are some more pictures from the celebration.

This is only the beginning

Now that we’ve introduced a new name and brand identity for Heliyon, it’s back to work again. In the coming months we will work on taking the brand experience to a next level. By then you can expect a more detailed case study. 

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