Greetings from Berlin

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Over the last year we have been relaunching the Zeit Magazin Online. Before the official launch of the new site, one longform story went live, sneak previewing the design and technology to come. It was a very moving piece of reporting by Carolin Emcke about the experiences of refugees arriving in Germany. Having read quite a bit around that topic already, this excellent piece of reporting made me follow the subject of refugees and how we as a society deal with that. And I was certainly not the only one, especially not in our office.

Only a couple weeks ago we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall in Berlin. To me personally this was quite a moving event. I live only 300 meters away from the former border where volunteers digged several tunnels for refugees risking their lives to cross the border. Immediately the topic of refugees is very close to each and every one of us.

By talking to my colleagues we realized that we felt very much the same. We started this little year’s end project and everyone involved brought a new aspect to it. My colleague Bastian invited some organizations to our office for us to learn how we can get active locally and how we can support them.

So at the end of this year we want to share something with you which touched our hearts and made us act. Find out more on: