Invest in Customer Insights

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At TEDx Hamburg Joost Holthuis had the opportunity to represent Edenspiekermann with a talk about the to service design related topic 'Invest in customer insights'. The importance of knowing exactly how customers use and experience services.


As an example I showed a case of the ov-chipkaart, a dutch public transport brand. They deliver a service that isn't prepared for the messy reality of their customers. A on first sight small issue became a problem of proportions and resulted in serious brand damage.

Good customer insights can avoid all this. They give you a clear picture of the context of your customers' reality and show how you can be truly relevant for them. These insights are the best base for all involved parties to develop successful services. How we approached this was shown in our service design case 'Perron 5'. This project focuses on possible improvements to the services available to passengers during periods of renovation at the railway station Utrecht. 

I'm looking back on an inspiring TEDx Hamburg. Great experience to speak in the fantastic environment of the Curio haus. The slides of the presentation are available at Slideshare.