Launching a Portal for Equitable Health Access

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Last week we’ve launched our latest project for Swiss Red Cross, the healthcare platform

Healthcare information is a complex topic for anyone. Many people, especially people with migration background depend on the help of specialists who counsel, advise and treat them with information and practical advice.

With, the Swiss Red Cross provides health information in 56 different languages for mediators and multipliers, social workers and health professionals. Additional the portal supports publishers and organizations with practical and specialized know-how for the development, translation, production and distribution of information material for the socially underprivileged.

When Swiss Red Cross came to us, the migesplus platform needed to be technically, visually and conceptually optimized. But most important they wanted to optimize the user experience to create more value.

Within the project, we therefore focused on creating useful entry points and page types for the most relevant use cases, integrating an easy to use search and filter functions and optimization of the order process. At the same time, we reorganized the data structure and simplified the editorial process. To ensure sustainability, a digital design system was implemented that enables the implementation of new features and tools in the future.

In the last months, we worked in close collaboration with the team at Swiss Red Cross to understand their user's needs, their internal setup and their vision. Introducing them to our design thinking approach, agile processes and new tools to optimize their workflows. Together we took an important step in their digital transformation by providing a scalable infrastructure that allows implementing new features and tools in the future.