NS, ProRail, STBY and Edenspiekermann win Rotterdam Design Public Prize 2013


Yes! Our project Dynamic Boarding Information at Train Stations won the Rotterdam Design Public Prize 2013. More than 16,000 people voted for their favorite project, in the exhibition as well as online.


Customer satisfaction at NS significantly improved

In addition to the public appreciation for the project, it has also proved its value in daily practice with Dutch travelers. A 3-month test at Den Bosch Station last summer proved successful: “Customer approval scores were significantly higher at the end of the trial,” says research manager Ramon Lentink. Meanwhile, plans for a large-scale rollout of the system are at an advanced stage.

prorail prize

Design is very relevant when solving complex, contemporary problems

According to the international jury of the Rotterdam Design Prize, this project shows the great relevance of design for solving societal problems in an innovative way. They specifically valued the ability of design to shed light on ways in which people’s lives can be improved.

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