Our design process unveiled

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How does the creative process of developing a new brand identity work? Processed Identity is a website that documents the creative processes behind logo and brand identity design. A recently added case study explains how Edenspiekermann developed the award winning identity for the Utrecht City Theatre.


Processed Identity was launched in 2010 by Steve Zelle, a logo and brand identity designer with over twenty years of experience. He currently operates under the name idApostle, based in Ottawa, Canada.

With all the discussion about stock logos and the multitude of sites that highlight logos of the day, Steve Zelle wanted to build a place that goes deeper into the story behind logos. “There is a lot of talk about how pretty something is but not about the thought that goes on behind the logo,” he explains. “The intent of Processed Identity is to illustrate to designers and clients what is lost when engaging in a ‘cattle call’ through €99 logo sites, contests, spec work and crowdsourcing.”

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