Rebalancing Tech in Health

Edenspiekermann UXD Healthcare

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UXD Healthcare will be hosting its second major European conference in July, showcasing the next generation of user experience (UX) design in healthcare technology for clinicians and UX designers.

The two-day event, hosted at Renaissance Amsterdam on July 4 and 5, will feature some of the world’s leading authorities on UX design in healthcare, with a view on exploring how an effective user-centered design process supports the creation of digital health and health technology solutions.

Join us at UXD Healthcare for our Creative Director Jonne Kuyt's talk 'Why Bob is angry with you' and discover how a deep understanding of patients’ needs can help innovate and deliver a great viewpoint and methodology on how to rebalance tech in health.

Jonne Kuyt: “Most healthcare providers constantly advocate “patient-centered care,” but are still woefully behind when it comes to improving access and the design of their services. The technology-first approach of many healthcare systems focuses on using technology to improve efficiency and quality of care. But it’s not solving anything unless you include the patient’s irrational behavior in the business case.”

Registrations for UXD Healthcare Amsterdam 2019 will close on 28 June. Entries can be completed online here: