Seamless Flow: Facial Recognition Being Tested at One of Europe’s Busiest Airports

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In close collaboration with Schiphol and partners, we are helping in improving the passenger journey by incorporating these technological innovations and we are looking forward to taking this concept to the next stage.

Passengers travelling with Cathay Pacific can take part in a pilot for boarding by means of facial recognition. This pilot belongs to the first phase of fully enabling travel by means of facial recognition at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the longer term.

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After check-in, participants in the pilot will be accompanied to one of the special registration kiosks. The passengers will have their passport, boarding pass and face scanned here. This process will be followed by security and passport control, as always.

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When boarding, the passenger’s face will be scanned at the gate. The scan will be compared with the one produced when registering.

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If the face is recognised, the gate will open and the passenger will be able to board immediately, resulting in greater convenience for the passenger and a smoother flow at the airport. We call this concept ‘Seamless Flow’.

Such innovations will make travelling at Schiphol even easier in future.

“For passengers, the journey from arrival at the airport to boarding will become easier and more efficient”, says Wilma van Dijk, Director of Safety and Security at Schiphol. “At present, you still need to show your passport, your boarding pass or both at various checkpoints within the airport; for example, when you drop off your baggage, during security checks, when you cross the border and during boarding. In future, you will be able to pass through these checkpoints more smoothly due to being recognized by your face. You can leave your passport and boarding pass tucked away in your bag.”

For passengers, the journey from arrival at the airport to boarding will become easier and more efficient. Wilma van Dijk, Director of Safety and Security at Schiphol

“As Cathay Pacific is always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience at every stage of their journey with us, the experience at the airport forms an important and integral part of that journey. For this reason, we are pleased to take part in this innovative trial, so we can prepare ourselves and our passengers for the travelling method of the future in cooperation with Schiphol”, says Will Kerr-Muir, Country Manager France and Benelux at Cathay Pacific.

During the months ahead, scanning the face, passport and boarding pass will be tested on registration and during boarding. In the next phase, this list is intended to be expanded with passport control over the course of the year. In the pilot, the procedure and equipment will periodically be evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

For testing this innovation a consortium has been created with the Government, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Cathay Pacific, KLM and Vision-Box which developed the Seamless Flow technology platform.

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