The all-new Die Presse – Rethinking a Newspaper Digital First

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Today, we’re proud to announce the digital relaunch of Die Presse: the daily newspaper takes a pioneering new direction for the Austrian media landscape and confirms their high quality standards with their revamped digital offer.

Our digital project saw the light of day after months of close cooperation in which Edenspiekermann created a new concept and visual appearance for all of Die Presse's digital channels – it even left its mark on print title page, which premiered the brand's new dark blue look on the day of the launch.

We started the process with an honest look at the needs of Die Presse's audience: Which real needs can the brand actually solve? Which role do they play in the lives of their readers? Building upon this, we formulated a clear and distinguishable positioning that guided us through the whole process.

Our next step was to rethink the whole content offering and information architecture together: How can we push the formats that serve their audience most and make them stand out from the competition? The result was the all-new, simplified navigation structure – what used to be an overwhelming list of sections and subsections is now a simple triad of “Nachricht” (News), “Meinung” (Opinion) und “Magazin” (Magazine).

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In addition to that, a big part of our collaboration was to simplify and streamline the digital subscription process in which we worked together to restructure their product offering and simplified the checkout process, making it much easier for the reader to experience the ambitious content offered by the editorial team.

Last but not least, we provided Die Presse with a new design language that clearly transports the high quality of their content and positions as its very own, premium product – while maintaining a strong visual bridge to their printed newspaper. In the process, we redesigned all major components and page types in the new language.

We worked closely with the client’s internal development team from kick-off to launch day to ensure that Die Presse’s ambition for a premium digital news product would actually translate into every component on the new site.

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Florian Asamer, deputy editor-in-chief of Die Presse about our joint work: “Edenspiekermann's team understood our strategic plan from the very beginning, put it to the test, and played it back completed with their know-how. The subsequent work on the implementation was characterized by sincerity, argumentativeness and great joy in the creative task. The result was a digital product that ‘rustles while scrolling’ and thus allows our idea of quality journalism to be experienced on the web.”

“It was amazing to see with how much trust and courage Die Presse followed our recommendations to take a bold step forward in digital – this is not necessarily normal nor easy for a traditional brand like them and it shows that they really understood the need for radical change in the industry,” added Peter Rudolph, Design Director and Project Owner from Edenspiekermann. “With the expertise we've built over the last decade with projects for clients such as ZEIT Online, The Economist, NZZ and now Die Presse, we proved ourselves as the undisputable experts in the field of digital news industry and bring our experience and knowledge into every project with our clients.”

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Want to get a closer look at the process? Stay tuned for the the case study we’re preparing at the moment!

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