The New Look NZZ Website

NZZ Design Language Header

Today saw the first big step in our work with Swiss newspaper NZZ: the launch of the redesigned

The German-language Neue Zürcher Zeitung was founded in 1780 and is one of the most prestigious media brands in Europe. Together with their in-house team we redesigned the newspaper’s website, developing a new design language that includes new typefaces, colours and layouts, ensuring the NZZ brand is reflected just as strongly in its digital identity—but the new design still retains the navigation and functionality that’s so familiar to regular readers.

The website’s new look is the starting point for our ongoing process, and the design language won’t just be limited to the website. An app is currently in development and will feature the same design language, guaranteeing a coherent visual identity for the two channels.

German readers can find out more in NZZ’s own post about the redesign here.